Mr. President you cannot delegate your state responsibility when the nation needs to hear you address us specially on such serious incidents as the one that happen in Kanilai on Friday 2nd June.

Mr. President you do not need to address us in the English language, you can speak to us in the Mandinka and Wollof languages that are understood by over 90% of the population.

Mr. President you could have pre-recorded your address to the nation with the GRTS and then leave for your meeting in Liberia.

Mr. President, certain serious and important issues such as the one on Friday involving death and injuries cannot be delegated to a minister.

Gambians who elected you need to hear you speak to them directly from time to time not only on security matters but also on any other matters that the people must hear from you. You cannot continue shying away from the public and bank on issuing written press releases.

Having said the above Mr. President now is the time to urgently encourage the deployment of the press to swiftly cover incidents like this. Had it not been our phone cameras and social media, people would have been in total darkness of happenings in the country. Incidents like this in Senegal for an example would have been all over the place on TV screens and radios for balance reporting.

Who provoked, who retaliated, and who masterminded are questions that pros and cons will engage in wild goose arguments leaving the people not being able to make informed judgments.

Honest, non-partisan and non-political Gambians are the majority in our country and any political or one-sided explanation of the issue can be bias. Reason why the local press is extremely important in our democracy to cover both sides of the story.

Granted it is a security issue but the underlying reasons behind the incident are purely political and ideological. As many Gambians agreed the issue can be corrected thru political, social and democratic education on GRTS. We cannot brush the issue and other issues under the carpet and pretend that all is well. GRTS must produce weekly programs to educate Gambians on peace, justice and democracy.

The country is wounded. As we embark on the truth and reconciliation exercise the press must take the lead in preparing Gambians minds morally and psychologically to witness the unfolding of the TRC proceedings.

Mr. President the country has only one president and it is you. If you do not occasionally address the nation then all blames would finally come to you.

Your silence is not only disturbing but is also seen as laissez faire attitude.

On this Holy month of Ramadan May GOD continue to keep our country in peace.

Thank you for your attention.

Pa Njie Girigara.

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