We are really fed up with the current management of Nawec. For days now we have been struggling to be water which is necessity of live. We can’t have drinking water let alone water to flush our toilets.  The situation is really serious and there could be an outbreak of cholera any time now. The electricity situation has never been so bad as far as I can remember.  
What the hell is going on at Nawec.  A few months ago, they came to the West coast radio and promised that things will improve within six weeks as one of the generators was now fixed and within 6 weeks things will improved significantly.  What a lie. 

In fact, things have got worst ten fold.  Now the new MD, Mr Fatajo wants to blame the whole situation to the political impasse.  He thinks he can hide his incompetence behind the past political impasse which did not last for more than 2 months.  He thinks we Gambians are stupid. 

The former MD is 1000 times better than this Fatajo.  It is all Alhagi Conteh manipulation the situation to his own ends.  He used to employ this Fatajo who was dismissed for incompetence.  Government should be careful of this Alhagi Conteh as he is to no good but only after the interest of his company.  If government is not willing to bring back the former MD, I think Nani should be made MD to save us.  Fatajo is just useless.

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