Mr. President,

The peace of our country is in your hands. GOD selected you to be the father of all Gambians without exception. All Gambian tribes without exception have voted for you. It is therefore incumbent upon you to treat all Gambians lives equally. Such being the case Mr. President, I encourage you to form a delegation of Traditional Leaders, Community Leaders and Muslim Elders to go to Kanilai and present your condolences to the decease family and use the occasion to preach peace and unity in the country.

Mr. President Gambians had only one enemy and his name is Yaya Jammeh. The people of Foni and the Jola tribe are not our enemies they are our brothers and sisters. You should bear in mind that not all Jolas are Jammeh loyalists or APRC supporters. We must also accept that if one looses an election, that person cannot be happy but with time and dialogue, reality and understanding will set in as in any democracy. We should also accept that those persecuted yesterday cannot be happy either but when Allah gives you what you wanted then that person should be able to forgive and look ahead. Such is the law of nature and of GOD.

Now that you are the Head of State, you should publicly take the lead and invoke peace, unity and tolerance in the country on the national television. This invocation cannot be delegated to any minister it should come from you in person. The people must hear you speak to them directly and preach peace, unity and tolerance.

Mr. President you must also publicly condemn the act of killing wherever it comes from. You should not shy away in addressing the truth and if need be warn and sanction all people and institutions that break the law. That is what we expect from a leader.

Finally I would strongly advice to organize and call for a national conference with the people of Foni to discuss, moralize and appease hearts and minds. Only dialogue and communication can make us forgive each other going forward. Without peace there cannot be any meaningful development.

To conclude Mr. President please do not listen to warmongers and haters be they in your entourage or government. Stay way from such people. Confrontations, insults and alienation are not part of your mission. You must be a unifier. Listen to people who encourage you to take the reconciliation route, these are the people who love and have the unity of the country at heart.

Thank you for your attention.

Pa Njie Girigara.

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