A statement issued by the government of President Barrow and televised over the national TV read by the Interior Minister that Alkalo of Kanilai, has absconded in the neighboring country Casamance, has been denied by the Alkalo and the MP of the area. On Saturday, 3 June, 2017, Hon. Musa Amul Nyassi held a meeting with the Kanilai community to calm down the situation and the Alkalo was present. It was witnessed that several arrests were ongoing on that day but the Alkalo was never arrested or hiding as we break the fast together in his home, source reveal.

‘‘It is unfortunate that a full Interior Minister sit in front of the TV authoring false statement and misleading the general public and the international community that Alkalo of Kanilai had ran away. For your information, the Alkalo is here safe and well in Kanilai and he is not going anywhere because he is a Gambian as any other Gambians,’’ source said.

Speaking to Alkalo Jammeh face to face in Kanilai  he said: ‘‘Where am I going to run?  If I do anything wrong and the authorities want me to go answer I will go. Kanilai is my home and I’m not going anywhere.’’

He said that he has been receiving calls from home and abroad after listening to the news on tv that he is hiding. ‘‘It is not true I’m home with my family. Ask anyone you know in Kanilai he or she will tell you that I’m around. Maybe when I step out for prayers ‘nafila’ and they came in my absence,’’ he said.

Hon. Amul Nyassi also denied the report on the Alkalo’s alleged absconding, adding that Alkalo Jammeh is home safe and well.

Written By A Correspondent 

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