Enough of talks, time for actions says OJ

By Madi S. Njie

Omar Jallow, alias OJ has said there is no time to keep talking, but time for actions to develop the country.

Speaking to members of the Livestock Owners Association during meeting at the West Coast Region Governor’s Office in Brikama on Monday, 28 May 2017, Hon. Jallow said called on livestock owners to identify land areas from Karton to Koina, where livestock should be reared, in order to notify Government that those areas must be reserve for livestock breeding and development purposes.

Jallow also called on the Committees responsible to discuss among themselves, and liaise with the director general of livestock, for a meeting to be arranged with the Interior Minister to address reported cross border theft cases.

He said it is unlawful for people to come from outside to destroy neighbors country. “We have to discuss with the Senegalese authorities to address theft cases once and for all, because what is good for The Gambia is good for Senegal, and what destroy Gambia destroys Senegal. This is a problem between nations and should not be taken lightly” he said.

The country belongs to all, and whatever is to be discussed should be discussed openly among ourselves, with a view to address challenges confronting us.

The Agriculture Minister also unveiled plans to establish livestock development funds, credit union, and livestock cooperative societies. He stated that Gambia

has make good use of what God gives them, of which livestock is among the most important component.

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