Mamma Kandeh is a revered man who feels our pain and shares our dreams and most importantly draws his strength and wisdom from us the people. He last long forewarn us of a political violence if we make the wrong move in December 1st 2016.
He always believed, that we must rededicate ourselves to the pursuit of human right and equality, this believe has always strengthen our unity of purpose to electorally oust the former government, seeing similar trend pervaded by this very government that vows to strengthen and protect individual liberty and create an atmosphere of rising hopes and sober satisfaction in their day to day affairs of our country is heart wrenching. It is appalling that our country has shifted from hope to pessimism and from Gambia has decided to Gambia is disappointed.
The GDC will continue to intensify its courage and steadfastness to rebuild unity and confidence of the Gambian people and lead our country to the path of common purpose and the restoration of trust and Gambian value.
The paralysis and stagnation of the coalition government is inexplicable, their lack of wisdom and foresight to propel our nation forward is revealing itself, people are looking for honest answers not easy answers or tough rhetorics in response to the chaotic situation that bedeviled Foni- kanilai, the actions of the ECOMIG soldiers are a threat to our national will and a lost of unity to the already polarized country.
Written By Samba P Jallow 
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