No more President’s or Ministers’ farms says .O.J

By Madi S.Njie

“If Adama Barrow want to farm, let him farm it by himself. If Minister OJ want to farm let him farm it by himself. There is no more Presidents’ farm or Minister’s farm. End are the days when farmers abandon their farm land to work in President’s or Minister’s Farms,” said The Gambia’s Agriculture Minister.

Hon. Jallow made these remarks during meetings he held with farmers in NBR, CRR, URR and LRR recently, as part of his tour of agriculture sector.

He said not long ago, some people came to visit him from Nuimi offering him farm land, but he told them to prepare it as community farm, and use the harvest to purchase milling machines for their women, to bail them out of the hard work of pounding for their feeding.

“Stop electing people and make them God,” he said, adding that public officers are paid from tax payers money to serve them.

He said Adama Barrow is a farmer and shepherd, adding: “That is why we the government should stand farm to ensure that we benefit the people.” 

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