It is sad to say, but the state of our nation is not good. The coalition government has lost its way and will, and its sense of national purpose, the trend we are seeing isn’t good enough and not sufficiently broad to make life better for Gambians. And let me say bluntly, that this government is not better able to tackle the complex needs of the Gambian people and that is why, trust and confidence is exponentially eroding thus increasing the discontentment among citizens.
But the good news is, Honorable Kandeh in his remarks yesterday came up with a valuable suggestion in helping to facilitate a temporal solution to provide 24 hours electricity in The Gambia if the government accept his offer. This; in a concerted effort and in a grand design, will help to restore balance and dispel the uncertainty about our energy crisis and put our government on the way to curing our energy ills. But the big question asked by concern citizens is, will the government embrace and welcome Honorable Kandeh’s good-will gesture? I guess it’s a matter of wait and see..
However, our nation is under a dire extraordinary circumstance, what happened in Kanilia and the acute supply of water and other basic necessities troubles our minds and hurts our hearts, president Barrow should make an unprecedented compact to the nation, he’s indebted to us, the people; and help pacify people’s mind in a televised speech in response to the fatal incident in Kanilai and other issues of pressing concerns to dissuade and persuade Gambians about his government’s affairs, and help strike a reasonable compromise with the people of Foni for greater cooperation and understanding, a placatory speech totally contrasting that of Mai Fatty which was very incendiary and anger-charged and a practice of distortion to bend the truth to mislead the Gambians will help de-escalate the flaring tempers and restore calmness and ease.
Written By Samba P Jallow
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