One hundred and fifty soldiers are going to be deployed to Kanilai, the home village of former Gambian president Yahya Jammeh, as preparations are afoot to open an army base in the locality, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. The deployment is taking place on Thursday. Reliable sources familiar with the story, said Lt. Colonel Sarjo Jarju, alias Hitler is heading the army contingent. His twice is officer Wassa Camara, former Commander of the Military Police. Mr. Camara was jailed in connection with the March 2006, failed Ndure Cham coup, while Sarjo Jarju was jailed in the aftermath of the December 30 th coup. Both officers have been convicted in the past on treason related charges.

“Kanilai is going to be turned into an army camp. We are deploying 150 soldiers to the village to reinforce the soldiers already manning former President Jammeh’s villa. It is sad that the Barrow government wants to transform a residential area into an army barracks. Our men are leaving for Kanilai tomorrow,” said our source.

This followed, the quelling of a protest march organized by the people of Kanilai, which led to the death of 54 year old Haruna Jatta, and others critically injured. The Senegalese forces stationed around Kamfenda fired live bullets at the protesters, killing one, and several others injured.

The African bloc—the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has since issued a statement appealing for calm while the investigations into the actual cause of the incident are ongoing. The bloc also extended the mandate of the ECOMIG forces in the Gambia for another year.

A source, who spoke to this medium said: “Kanilai is already a militarized zone. With the upcoming army camp to be installed in the village, there is a likelihood that many villagers might be alarmed by the heavy military presence in the village.”

The Army spokesman, could not be reached for immediate comment.

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