A major protest march against the government of Gambia’s newly elected president Adama Barrow, is going to be held in the United States on June 27th by some concerned Gambians residing in New York City, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Human Rights activist Saihou Mballow, is going to lead the protest, which is scheduled to take place at the United Nations. Mr. Mballow is expecting more than one hundred marchers to grace the occasion, including the supporters of former Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh. He called on Gambians living in the United States to show solidarity with them by taking part in the upcoming protest.

Banners have been designed in preparation for the protest march. The marchers will draw the attention of the United Nations and the international community, about president Adama Barrow’s apparent abdication of duties by failing to appoint a Vice president in the Gambia since ascending into the presidency back in December of 2016. The position of VP remains vacant in Barrow’s government. Ms. Fatoumatta Tambajang Jallow, Women’s Affairs Minister, has been named to oversee the vacant position.

In the event of an unforeseen death, infamy of mind, or vote of no confidence against the president, the Vice president is in line for succession, but under current situation, the Gambia doesn’t have a legally appointed VP. Mr. Barrow is procrastinating on the appointment of VP—given the fact that some of the people he approached for the job were overaged by virtue of the constitution. There is an age limit cap of 65, for the presidency, and vice presidency. Hence, Mr. Barrow’s favored candidate for the position of Vice president Ms. Tambajang Jallow, is unqualified due to her age. 

Speaking to the Freedom Newspaper, Mr. Saihou Mballow said: “I am calling on Gambians to come in their numbers to join us in this important protest. We are protesting to demand from president Barrow to appoint a Vice President; to investigate the killing of Haruna Jatta of Kaniali; to make an end to the arbitrary arrest of the APRC supporters and release the detained APRC protesters unconditionally.”

Mr. Mballow says the Gambia is a nation of laws and therefore president Barrow should respect the rule of law by not betraying his oath of office and allegiance to the nation.

“In this third Republic, Gambians have decided to never be enslaved again by any political leadership. Today, Gambians need political freedom, and genuine democracy. The killers of Haruna Jatta should be brought to justice so that, that would serve as a deterrent to the trigger happy Senegalese soldiers to avoid any form of misconduct in the future. We also want president Barrow to fulfill his constitutional mandate by appointing a Vice president,” he said.

Mr. Mballow said the upcoming protest will send a strong message to the government in Banjul that the days of impunity and constitutional violations are over in the Gambia. He called upon Gambians both at home and overseas to defend and protect the constitution.

“We are expecting nothing less than one hundred protesters on June 27th. Freedom loving Gambians are invited to join us on this date to protest against Adama Barrow’s government. What’s happening in the Gambia is unacceptable. Adama Barrow should work towards improving human rights and good governance. The rights and liberties of Gambians should be respected. The Kanilai incident will feature prominently during the protest. We will ask the government to prosecute those who killed Haruna Jatta, and shot the APRC supporters,” Mballow tells the Freedom Newspaper.

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

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