Poor GFF Snub Jarra West to pay other district’s travel and hotel expenses in favour of vote in this coming Saturday regional Congress
By Ousman B Kinteh.  08 June, 2017
Poor GFF Snub Jarra West to pay other district’s travel and hotel expenses in favour of vote in the up coming LRR regional football congress election in Tendaba Camp this coming weekend. Gambia Football Federation paid  accommodation and travel expenses for all district football committee’s and not including Jarra West in the bills.
Gambia football federation president Lamin Kaba Bajo desperation in clinching on power is forcing him to witch-hunt any body that is not in his camp, first victims are KM regional sport committee, Serekunda West, URR football stakeholders and now Jarra West football committee’s is in their witch-hunt radar. This coming weekend LRR regional football congress is a example of Kaba Bajo dirty football politics he learned from his former emperor Yahya Jammeh. The leak information is that Kaba Bajo is planning to organise a secret meeting with the other district football committee’s in LRR night before the congress ground he Lodge’s without inviting Jarra West football committee’s who openly believe not to be in the current GFF camp, source has sources reveal. 
The GFF president Kaba was inform by the regional football stakeholders in LRR governor office in April this year not to attend the regional congress but GFF candidate Ansumana Sanneh when on to ignore the regional governor agreement with the football stakeholders and invite GFF president Lamin Kaba Bajo.
GFF president Lamin Kaba Bajo is so desperate that he have to bribe the district football committee’s in LRR by giving out D2000 dalasi cash to each district travel expenses and not including Jarra West just to get a favor from this individuals who are representing on Saturday voting showdown in Tendaba camp.
Statement below from Alhasan Bah
“Football stakeholders in Lower River Region disagree over who should be the next regional  football president. 
Recently, football stakeholders are divided over who should lead the LRR regional football committee. 
Currently Ansumana Sanneh is the president of the association and has been leading since the demise of the former president Wandifa Kinteh (RIP). 
In the upcoming congress on Saturday, some people are campaigning to replace him with Jawara Saidkhan of Jarra KaniKunda who is not popular among football fans. 
Among some of the information we gathered from does who are campaigning to remove him was , Ansumana is campaigning for Kabba Bajo to extend his mandate as GFF president instead of Seedy Kinteh who many people believe would be running for the next GFF presidency.”
In conclusion still the question many are asking is GFF president Lamin Kaba Bajo here on clinching on power or developing football in The Gambia and the next Story will be his meeting with Gambian president Adama Barrow who is not at all happy with him the way our football is declining since he came into our football as the president.
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