The Barrow government has started accepting Gambian deportees from the United States of America, the Freedom Newspaper was told. A  Washington DC Gambian migrant, who was scheduled to report to the Immigration was taken into custody upon arrival. Similar detentions and deportations were reported elsewhere around the country. 

A source, who reached us said some of the illegals were recently processed and deported to the Gambia. The Gambian Consular at the Gambian Embassy in Washington DC, is said to be cooperating with the US Immigration agents to help issue out passports to the detained illegal immigrants lined up for deportation.

Over 2000 Gambians have been placed under deportation from the US. Some of the illegal migrants, some of whom had their visas expired, or Immigration cases rejected were released to the community and issued with work permit, following the refusal of the former administration of dictator Yahya Jammeh to receive the deportees.  Some have been under custody on other unrelated Immigration offenses. Now some of the Immigrants, who report to the Immigration to renew their work permits or to check with the Immigration case officers are subjected to routine detentions, and subsequent deportation.

The Gambian government could not be reached for comment. 

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