Two  Gambian State Intelligence Services (SIS) security officers are currently at the home of Bubacarr AMO Badjie, the Agency’s Legal officer, trying to arrest him, but Mr. Badjie wouldn’t open his house door for them to take him into custody, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. A source, who contacted us from Banjul said “ as we speak, the two arresting SIS officers are at Mr. Badjie’s home, but Badjie wouldn’t grant them access to his home. There are security officers at his home.”

This followed, disturbing revelations made by Mr. Badjie, in a leaked petition he sent to president Adama Barrow, complaining about the lack of professionalism, and mediocre intelligence agents at the NIA, whom Badjie said 60 percent of them can hardly read or write English. Mr. Badjie also took a swipe at the SIS Director General Ousman Sowe by accusing him of abdication of duties, publication of false news to appease the presidency, and the public, neglecting the core values of intelligence gathering, processing, intelligence compartmentalization, evidence tampering, witch hunting, among a host of allegations. 

Mr. Sowe has since responded—with the SIS Directorate coming to his defense by debunking Badjie’s claims, describing them as false, malicious and totally unfounded. In the ongoing accusations and counter accusations, the SIS leadership went as far as accusing Badjie of betraying his oath of office and secrecy by divulging the secrets of the SIS to public, an act they said, is punishable by law.   

“Having set the records straight, please allow us to most unequivocally condemn the behavior of Bubacarr A.M.O Badjie who has without respect to the demands of national security and secrecy made allegations that are untrue yet constitute violations of the official secrets and code of conduct binding on all active and serving officers of this intelligence service. Meanwhile, because of the sensitivities surrounding other matters he went on to discuss in his publication the SIS would out of consideration for professionalism and secrecy prefer not to comment on those areas,” the SIS Directorate stated. 

“For operational reasons we may not be able to refute some of your arguments but without prejudice, and with all intents and purposes, your actions as an erudite mole has remind many operatives that over the years all such articles that are sent to the media are sensational, malicious and utterly an exercise in futility because they carry no merit,” the SIS Directorate of Public Relations & Strategic Communications added. 

President Barrow sometime ago said the SIS doesn’t have arresting powers after renaming the institution from the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) to State Intelligence Services (SIS).Barrow made the verbal proclamation without legislating it. Mr. Barrow has failed to legislate the existence of the SIS as an intelligence outfit. He also failed to repeal the law empowering the former NIA, now (SIS) with sweeping powers to arrest Gambians and its agents. 

In another development, a source informed us that Mr. Badjie, who is a native of Basang has voluntarily showed up at the Kairaba police station, where he made a statement to the police. Reports have it that he was prevailed upon by the Inspector General of police to turn himself to the police so that they can hear his own side of the story. 

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