What a catalogue of disaster. A Gambian and his English wife, we came to build an Eco Lodge in Sanyang last year having been given land by the Alkalo. Turns out we need to apply to the Gambia Tourist Board for approval; a costly process involving a large fee, feasibility study etc. We submitted our plans. After much encouragement, from the Director General himself, but much more tears and heartache, we were eventually blocked by the President we were told, go back to England we went. But this is the New Gambia so we are back full of optimism at first….

Well it’s even worse if that’s possible. We are lied to and obstructed and today we learned of an alarming development. A Chinese backed fish factory on Sanyang beach. The tourist board have complained but to no avail. Local people are troubled and scared.
This is the third such factory after Kartong and Gunjur and environmentalists and health professionals are seriously concerned. Apart from issues about over fishing there are complaints of sick children, angry tourists, etc.

There is an action group of concerned locals etc in Gunjur. These factories are dangerous and should not be anywhere near residential areas. And yet this government has sacrificed it’s most beautiful seafront villages, home and work to many and a potential magnet for tourists … and for what!! Money, money, money.

Please get more information and make your voices heard.

By Nicky and Solomon

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