Dear Pa,

Good evening. Thank you for being a relentless advocate for truth, justice and democracy in our country. Recently, quite a number of articles have been written about the state of affairs of our nation. 

The highlights include the President not talking to the Gambian people, corruption or self-enrichment on a big scale, appointments based on whom you know etc. etc.

My advice to President Barrow is that he should be worried with the way things are going. So far, I can only single out Minister Tambadou for moving things in the right direction. Please keep it up Mr. Tambadou, we respect you!

One of the biggest challenges of the new government is that it is hijacked by the enablers of former President Yahya Jammeh. Just a quick list.

  1. Secretary General Dawada Fadera was Permanent Secretary at PMO for many years expediting the illegal firing of public officers
  2. Inspector General of Police Yankuba Sonko has served in that same role under Jammeh, executing his instructions to illegally arrest and detain innocent people
  3. Director of Immigration Pa Mboob served in the same role under Jammeh
  4. CDS Masaneh Kinteh happily served Jammeh in that capacity and many more
  5. Yankuba Darboe is still at the GRA
  6. Vast majority of the security personnel at the NIA or SIS and Police are still there.

My fellow Gambians, with all these folks in place, how do we expect things to change? How can anyone expect a new Gambia when the same system is firmly in place?

These folks served Jammeh for years and as a result developed a bad mindset. They do not know any other way of governance. For them, arresting people and corruption are normal.

If President Barrow wants to succeed, he must change this team. Elections have consequences and must have consequences. I don’t care whether they donated millions to his campaign or they are close friends or relatives. We have to move our country in the right direction. Sadly, we don’t have the right team in place to deliver the expectations of the Gambian nation for a New Gambia.

President Barrow must act now to avoid being blame for the mess going around.

Written By A Concerned Gambian

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