Intimidation Is a Precursor Of Marginalisation Re: Kanilai Protest

“You either obey the law or be consumed by the law”! Interior Minister

And I’m telling him that intimidation is a precursor of marginalisation which when not handled with care can result to civil unrest (let him revisit the history of Sudan to know more)!

Different from the shameless labelling with names like “moofala”, “semi Gambians”, “hungry people”, “site of upcoming mass graves”, “rebels” etc surprisingly coming from some educated hypocritical and opportunistic so called human rights/political activists, resident of kanilai were and/or are being intimidated by the Senegalese representatives of the ECOMIG troops stationed there.

The villagers have complained that the peacekeeping troops turned trespassers always steal and kill their ruminants and the search of which by the villagers, is always met with punishment in the form of “monkey dance” from people who are supposed to instil peace.

It that not injustice Gambia?

This together with other forms of intimidation from a foreign force resulted to their show of plight by embarking on a demonstration to ask few questions that needed answers which is their constitutional and democratic right.

However, this was willingly treated with brutality from the troops and hypocritically analysed by some of the very people that have for years been advocating for human rights and the rule of law, as unlawful.

What a contradiction!

Worst is, some cold blooded munafiqs laughed and celebrated the death of one of the protestors as a rebel and others accused them of being the cause of the death.

Sadly the presentation of some multi-coloured people in our society!

The more disturbing thing was that the minister on his furious address wasted so much time emphasising on the observance of the law and least mourned the death of a fellow Gambian while forgetting so soon that the demonstrations in the present and previous governments had no permits and were recognised and celebrated by people including himself as rights.

Further on to the minister’s speech and by analysis, the protestor that died was consumed by the law but does that rhetorically mean that all the other people that died in the previous government were consumed by the law because it is the same law?

One need not remind the minister that Barajally could have been like Kanilai if former president Jawara didn’t choose Fajara as home and same can be of Mankamang Kunda if president Barrow chooses it over Yarambamba.

Thus the privileges that the people of Kanilai benefited came because of sharing home with the former president and they need not be punished for it.

It is therefore wise for the minister to know/remember that information can be either anabolic or catabolic hence the need to reason and review before relating to the public.

Finally, why is there heavy presence of Senegalese troops of the ECOMIG only in Foni and no other parts of The Gambia honourable minister?

And to President Barrow, I humbly say sir “money is not fine but its mother likes it”, an Igbo proverb that may be useful for a recheck of The Gambian situation.

Democracy is and must be for all which entails freedom of speech and movement!

God bless The Gambia!

Dr Muhammed Teks Tekanyi


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