“The Ministry of Interior did not arrest any lawyer as of date. Such a person is not under  the investigation or custody of the Ministry,” Interior Minister Mai Fatty declared. This followed questions on social media to shed light on the arrest of Babucarr Badjie, a legal adviser to the State Intelligence Services (SIS), and sports journalist Baboucarr Sey.

The police fall under the purview of the Ministry of Interior, but Fatty has denied having knowledge about the arrest of lawyer Badjie.  He also said he was not aware of other institutions affiliated with his Ministry taking Mr. Badjie into custody. This begs the question: Is Mai Fatty lying? Fatty amended his original post that other affiliate institutions under the purview of  his Ministry never took part in the arrest of Badjie.  

Mr. Fatty should be careful with his statements. Mr. Badjie is currently detained at the Kairaba station. He has been accused of leaking his petition, which was addressed to president Barrow, against the SIS DG Ousman Sowe,  to the Freedom Newspaper. Police wanted to know how the Freedom Newspaper was able to lay its hands on the petition. The same police sources said Badjie had maintained his ground that the content of the petition should be investigated than “falsely” accusing him of being a Freedom Newspaper source. 

“Babucar AMO Badjie, surrendered himself to the police for his own safety. He said he stand by his petition and would never apologize. He  is being investigated as to how his petition got to the Freedom Newspaper. He told the police not to waste their time because they should be investigating the content of the petition; not how the petition got to the Freedom Newspaper,” our source stated. 

Now Mai Fatty wants to tell Gambians that the police doesn’t fall under the jurisdiction of his Ministry. The same police often treated him with a red carpet parade reception. Mai thinks that Gambians are that gullible to believe that the police can detain such a senior member of the intelligence community without his consent.  Funny, right?

To say that Mai Fatty, is condescending is an under statement.  Recent documented pattern of his condescension towards our people is disturbing Gambia. 

Mai Fatty, is being placed on notice to know that any word or statement he scribbled or uttered is being analyzed by rational minds. We are not that dumb to buy his Facebook banter. Get your stories right Mai. Gambians do not deserve the misinformation you constantly traffic on social media. 

Gambian activist Madi Jobarteh, thanked Mr. Fatty for clarifying his position on the Foroyaa reportage on the imposition of curfew in Kanilai.

“Thanks for the clarification Mai Ahmad Fatty. Indeed you have no authority to impose a curfew which would have to require the necessary procedures if it has to happen.  However the case Bubacarr Badgie, both in the manner of his arrest and reasons for the arrest are concerning. Similarly the case of the journalist Mr Sey is also of concern.  The idea of detention must be seriously reconsidered because that carries a burden both for the state and the victim. Hence even if these people violated a law why would they not be bailed by the police than to keep them in custody over the weekend. What is the value? Are they going to flee or tamper with any evidence? In fact they have not committed any physical damage such that there containment might be necessary. I hope you will engage the law enforcement community to reconsider the manner of enforcement that they are used to operate with. Badgie and Sey should not have been detained or even arrested in the first place,” Madi Jobarteh wrote. 

Mr. Fatty in response said: “ Noted. Thank you for the counsel.”

How dumb Mai Fatty can be. He denied his Ministry being complicit in the arrest of Lawyer Badjie, yet he turns around and said he is in agreement with Madi Jobarteh, that the duo should not have been arrested.  Laugh Out Loud (LOL).  Welcome to the new Gambia, where mediocrity is the order of the day.  

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