The Gambian government has suspended Bubacarr Badjie, a legal adviser to Gambia’s intelligence services—the state intelligence services (SIS) amid allegations that he allegedly leaked a petition document he Badjie wrote to president Adama Barrow, and was published by the Freedom Newspaper. Mr. Badjie has vehemently rejected the allegations, according to police sources.

Mr. Badjie, who was taken into custody by the Kairaba police on Friday, has been languishing in police custody for the past 48 hours. He is expected to be released on bail today. The constitution prohibits the police to hold detainees for more 72 hours without charging them.

“Lawyer Bubacarr Badjie has been served with an interdiction notice by the Personnel Management Office (PMO) notifying him of his suspension from the SIS for allegedly leaking government correspondence to the Freedom Newspaper online,” said our source.

“ Plans are afoot to charge Mr. Badjie for violating the official secret Act. He has been suspended for allegedly violating the ethics of his job at the SIS,” our source added.

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