Dear Pa,

I am sorry that I could not continue on part three of the revelations at Kinderdorf Bottrop Technical Senior Secondary School.

To continue Martin Gomez’s Behaviors and the way the education system is allowing him to continue to behave as he is doing right now…

We will first start from his foreign teachers he is employing and paying them high salaries and reportedly receiving kicked backs from them. Pa Where did you ever see in a secondary school system in the Gambia; you appoint a teacher as a director of E.g. Science, Commerce, Mathematics Etc.  and yet you have Head of department for these mentioned fields. They receive allowance that is equivalent to a police sergeants’ salary (D2000) for no work done.

Another surprising Stories Development about Martin Gomez is; the school was never audited during his term as principal until after the stories I wrote few months ago and coming of CCM to region II.

Staff Salaries are supposed to be revisited the grade points are stagnant it has not moved this year, whilst the salary is coming from central Government.  Sources indicate that has not any head counting by PMO. Why? It is same Government money going them.  A lot of Ghost Names were in use by Government Sub-Vented School.

Last year, one of them called Momoh Bodey Vandy ate about D27000 from studies conducted at the school by teachers. This was discovered by the PTA Pannel created to investigate missing money he was collecting from students during the studies. According to the report there was up to D27000 missing and Mr Gomez never asked Vandy to pay back a single butut to these teacher. Most of the Teachers believed they shared the money. In fact, the incompetent PTA never followed it up after the investigations the report is lying in the Principals office un published to the parties concerned.

Members of the Panel included one Buba Jallow a senior Master at the School, Yusupha JS Sanneh Teacher, Kairaba Dampha Teacher, Lamin Camara PTA Chairman Ousman Jammeh Treasurer PTA.

He Sacks teachers, deduct teacher’s Salaries and use it into Sporting Activities which he worships.

Sack and appoint teachers without his boards consent.  Salaries will be running for those teachers who are sacked and not replace for months.  Recently all Retention allowances were cut without any explanation. The last time we had he convened a staff meeting was during the political Impasse. For board meetings its better they organize a meeting before they disgrace themselves.

We are hereby, calling on The Government of The Gambia in particular the Ministry of Education, and the School’s German Partners to Considers replacing Mr. Martin Gomez.

Pa I can assure you that Hon. Alaghie S Dabo who was teaching Visual Art at the School Up to the time he became NAM for Brikama North, may be aware of some of these things and cannot deny most of them.

Martin is a member of the Mafias Group of Principals Associated with The GTU he headed, to write a petition to Presidents’ Office for Madame Claudine Cole Hon. Minister of Basic and secondary Education to be replaced. They believe he is going to change the system and it will not favor them. So, President Barrow should be careful.

Pa, I am sorry for delaying this part of the story but I can assure u that it was a high-profile hacking on my account by some of the people affected by my stories. But I am ready even their so called high profile IT personals at Bottrop SSS (who I assume are loyalist to Martin Gomez).  cannot break me down anymore. I am ready to provide as much info as possible……



A Concerned Citizen of Brikama

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