Gambia football fans reacted in frustration toward Scorpions second defeat within a week
By Ousman B Kinteh. 13 June, 2017
Coach Sang Dong welcome his re-appointment to the Gambia national football head coach and when on promising Gambians on rebuilding and re-branding the national football, up to date many believes is a complete failure. Before a defeat to Benin in the weekend, Gambia national football team lost 2-1 against Ghana home base players which bring questions of Sang vision of rebuilding and re-branding of the Gambia football team, over a year since his appointment Sang Ndong fail to win even a single game in both the African cup and World Cup qualifying round for The Gambia.
Sang Ndong was first appointed national football team coach of The Gambia from 1993 to 1995, later on resigned. In April last year Gambia sign another contract agreement with coach Sang Ndong from his parent football club Hawks FC, GFF president Lamin Kaba Bajo announce the appointment of Sang Ndong in a well attended press conference in football house. 
The questions is what next for coach Sang Ndong and Gambia football federation, follow the Gambia football fans comments below :
Alhagie Essa Jallow
“Instead of the police prosecuting Babucarr Nani Sey for protesting without permit, I would like to remind them about the sports officials they indicted for misleading the whole country. Now that the report they themselves have worked hard on is made public, what next? What was published on the newspaper was part of an 83 page document. It’s a pity Alieu K Jammeh refused to comment on it but we know that he was under some form of pressure to act. Babili had expressed concern about the composition of the Kebbeh executive putting Minister Jammeh under intense pressure. Credit to Alieu K Jammeh though that he tried to broker some form of a deal with the kebbeh executive that would have let them continue but it failed. When the police report was sent to the office of the President, we know that the recommendations were approved, and a letter to that effect was sent to the police. Therefore the police should now tell us what happened to their own recommendations. To say that there was no case to answer as alluded by one of the culprits is tripe. I was gutted when the scorpions failed to win again but as long as our sports is controlled by corrupt and crackpot individuals, we will just be wasting our time. Actually one of the police officers who picked up Nani was himself in the centre of the Brikama football saga which led to ousting of the BYSA committee unlawfully. The police also conspired to detain some BYSA officials for holding a meeting at Boxbar. The police should be in the centre of fighting corruption and not condoning it and if senior police officers are behaving in such a manner, how can we fight corruption.”
Tapha Manneh:
“Changing coaches wouldn’t solve our problem” attitudes and mentality also need reform.
Oms Dan:
Until we develop from grassroots, we are going nowhere. 
We tend to concentrate more on the harvest than working towards creating a bumper harvest. 
It will be waste of public funds hiring another coach as even that will not qualify us the CAN 2018. 
Let’s face it. Stay away from international competitions at least for 2 years and make a comeback after working hard on improving the players and system. Other countries have done it and the results were very good so why not Gambia.              
It’s sad to be in then losing position all the time.
Mamadi Ceesay:
They dont need that new coach, I think the system need to change. How do you build a national team for the future? You start from the grassroots, you start with the youths. U17 and U20, the new generation change that should have been in place has not come and everybody knows why but no body says it. Where are the young fresh talents in our national team system? Do they exist really? who is the best talent we have who is around 17-20 years old right now, and who can serve the scorpion in the future for some years? How many good 16 years old players do we have, that can be worked on though the U17 system and be transformed to good U20 players before the last step to the scorpions. Nobody talks about it, but can anyone say somethings about it please. The last U20 team that was “so good” were are those players who were supposed to be young and fresh, is it right to a football nation the way our system is now? We need a change of system more than a change of coach, and if anybody should be replaced it has to be by some one with the both the right moral standards, the right vision, the right attitude, and the persons must have the mind and courage to change the whole system. its a big responsibility thats comes with the job, and only to change a coach will never solve anything in Gambian football. This is my honest opinion . Sorry if I offended anyone , that is not my intention.
Even if Gambia is a small country, the job as the head coach of a national team is very attractive. I hope they will try to find a better solution, and get a better coach who can help set both a standard and a system that helps us to both change and build up Our Football. Our biggest problems is not the Scorpions its everything else. We can only develop if we get a propper system in place, and it starts from the grass roots. Right now the U20 or the U17 were you should get the new generation from, are they young fresh and up coming? They need to find a coach who has a better CV and that has built something more in the past, some of the foreign coaches Gambia use to hire do not make any sense. If we have better coaches among the Gambians, you don’t have to get a foreign one.”
Former Real De Banjul coach Franky Van de Velde:
“To have a strong local national team in the Gambia, make a team with the best players and put this team in the league. With a good management it can work, because the league is poor. About the scorpions, I now there are good players because I trained some of them, maybe the mentality an discipline is not what it has to. The league is not long enough, maybe to play with play offs like in Belgium. And yes the salary of the player’s and staff members are to small. But be not to negative only hard working can bring it to good results. But yes Gambia need to chance the mentality and discipline, for everybody. Football is not about friends it’s about players, good players. There are lot of players playing in foreign countries but that means only if they have the same mentality in their club over there.”
International football agent Michael Kallbäck:
“Its just rubbish talk. When there is a new manager you seem to expect that there will be any sudden change of results just like it would be magic. Please step into the reality. The players are good, and the coach is not to blame. You have to give a coach a certain amount of time to gain any progress with a national team. Its not like it would happen over a day. Instead support your team and support your coach, because no matter who you replace him with, the results of new tacticts and coaching wont come immediately anyway – and then you would ask for the new coach to be sacked as well.”
Statement below from Gambia Scorpions head coach Sang Ndong and GFF.
Scorpions Coach Sang Ndong says the rebuilding process for the Gambia national team is still on and that the signs are very positive. ‘ The signs are very good and we are almost getting there. As a whole, everything went partially well. We went to Ghana for practice match and we have managed well but its not a matter of excuses’.
He said the lads have taken up all their initiatives but luck was again not on their side. Reacting on the impact of the training camp in Ghana to the Sunday match, Sang said the ‘ bonding process was good. The chemistry works very well but the age does not matter because its mixed’.
He credited goal keeper Modou Jobe for been the stand out player. ‘ I think Modou has been regular since we started. With his experience, he is been utilizing it very well. But this is also one of his best periods in his career and i must say i wished he plays for bigger clubs outside and be lucky’.
Team captain Omar Colley said the circumstances playing away is never easy. ‘ We played really well and we were even better than them. I think Toldo was the hero. Overall, we did well but its still not enough and we will continue to brace up and do our best for the country’. He said there wasnt any pressure on the match day because ‘ we spoke to each other and yes the referee was not on our side but we fought on and things changed in the second half because the fans were behind them’.
Meanwhile, the lads have started departing Cotonou to their various destinations. Mustapaha Carayol, Pa Modou Jagne, Alasana Manneh, Dawda Ngum and Simon Ricther have all flown out on Sunday night while a few others are also expected to depart on Monday morning. The final batch of the team will leave on Tuesday bound for Banjul.
Gambia lost one nil to Benin in their opening AfCON 2019 Qualifier after the Scorpions put up a spirited fight against the Squirrels in Cotonou. The hosts broke the jinx 54th minute after captain Stephen Sessegnon  put up a deflected shot that swayed goal keeper Modou Jobe at opposite end.
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