A Gambian government Foreign Ministry staffer, who onetime branded Adama Barrow, as “uneducated, and unfit” to serve as president during Gambia’s heated presidential elections, has been appointed First Secretary to the Gambian Mission at the United Nations, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Isatou Badjie, AKA Isha B, the daughter of former Ambassador Dembo Badjie, was critical of Mr. Barrow, during the political campaign, which resulted into the subsequent deposing of Jammeh from power through a free and fair elections.  She is a former Jammeh supporter and loyalist. Her Facebook timeline was used as a platform to chastise Mr. Barrow, who she branded as political novice and a virtual illiterate.

News of Ms. Badjie’s appointment as First Secretary, was communicated to us by some insiders at the Foreign Ministry. Ms. Badjie’s Dad Dembo Badjie hailed from Bansang. He is a childhood friend of Foreign Minister Ousainou Darboe. They both hailed from the same locality.

While dictator Jammeh was in power, Darboe’s friendship with Dembo was curtailed—given Darboe’s uncompromising opposition to the dictator and his former government.  At the time, Mr. Badjie sees himself as a native of Foni, Kankuntu, when he is originally from Bansang.  Badjie is a career public servant. He played it safe to avoid the wrap of dictator Jammeh’s power excesses. 

While Isha Badjie is going to work under Ambassador Momodou Tangara, it is imperative to note that her sister Fatim Badjie, is among the First Lady’s staff. The Badjies are close to Darboe and his family. They have been friends prior to Jammeh coming to power. 

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