Gambia’s Vice president overseer, Fatoumatta Tambajang Jallow, who is also the Co-Chair of the much talked about “National Think Tank” blueprint national development, has included her two daughters to the Committee tasked to spearhead this important national project, th Freedom Newspaper can reveal.. Aja Tambajang and Soumah Ann are members of the National Think Tank Committee. The VP overseer couldn’t differentiate the difference between what is ethically acceptable and conflict of interest. She has used her influence to include her family to the committee. She wants to have a total monopoly of the new government.

The following people have been recruited to serve in the National Think Tank: 

Aja Tambajang, daughter of Fatoumatta Tambajang Jallow 

Soumah Ann, daughter of Fatoumatta Tambajang Jallow 

Gibbou Balla Gaye, Gambian Rapper, who goes with the street name G

Ali Cham, Gambian rapper, who goes with the street name Killa Ace 

Nyang Njie, AKA Daddy Njie, a former staffer of the Ministry of Finance, and also a member of the movement called “Gambia has decided.” 

Salieu Taal, a Gambian Lawyer, and also a member of the Gambia has decided group 

Abdou Salam Secka, a businessman and also a former Trade Minister. Mr. Secka resigned from government few days after he was hired by Jammeh.  

The National Think Tank was supposed to be launched on Wednesday, but it was differed to the 17th of June. No reason was given for the postponement of the launching. 

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