The much talked about “National Think Tank” blueprint document for the Barrow government is going to be launched today by Fatoumatta Tambajang Jallow, Gambia’s Minister for Women’s Affairs. The document will serve as a policy developmental blueprint for the regime in Banjul. The issue of economic prosperity, defense, education, agriculture, healthcare among other sectors of national development have featured prominently on the document.

Ebrima Chongan, a Gambian British citizen, has been offered a job to serve in the National Think Tank Committee. Mr. Chongan, who works at the UK Home Office, is going to advise the Barrow government on issue relating to National Defense and security. He is a career former law enforcement officer. He rose to the rank of Deputy Inspector General of police during the former Jawara administration.

Mr. Chongan’s appointment is not a full time job, which will require him to relocate to Banjul. He will be shuttling between London and Banjul if needed for national duties.   

Mr. Chongan could not be reached for comment. He is believed to be on an official overseas mission at this time. 

Also a member of the National Think Tank, is the Miami University Political Science Professor Abdoulaye Saine. Mr. Saine is currently visiting Banjul. He is an educationist. 

Dr. Sigga Jagne, a renowned gender activist has also been named as among the officials tasked to oversee this important body.

Kemo Conteh works at the National Think Tank Secretariat. When reached for comment, Mr. Conteh referred this medium to one Fallou Njie, the Coordinator of the Think Tank. Mr. Njie was indisposed for comment.  

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