Musa Jarju,  a bodyguard attached to the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) Chairman Alieu Mamar Njai, has fled Banjul, amid attempts to have him arrested by the Gambian authorities, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Mr. Jarju, a native of Foni Kantaly, was tipped off that Gambia’s security agents were trailing him for his possible arrest. This was in the aftermath of the Kanilai protest march, which left Haruna Jammeh death, and nine others critically injured.

According to sources, Mr. Jarju has been accused of being complicit to the Kanilai protest. As such, an order was given for his arrest. Security agents raided his Kantaly home twenty minutes after he fled the country. He is a member of the police intervention unit (PIU).

“Musa Jarju, was Alieu Mamar Njai’s bodyguard. He had to flee the country because the IGP Yankuba Sonko and Interior Minister Mai Fatty, said he should be arrested for his alleged role in the Kanilai protest. This was the guy, who protested to Jammeh about the outcome of the elections. He claimed that he has evidence about a possible vote rigging in the past elections,” said a source who confided to us via the phone from Banjul late Thursday evening.

“They said that Musa Jarju is part of the rebels. His house was raided. He is on the run. I do not know his whereabouts at this time,” said our source, who pleaded for anonymity, in a thirty minute phone conversation.

The source is a native of Foni. He also alleged that 40 State House local staff—mainly cleaners and drivers have been asked not to show up  for work on Friday. That the workers mainly Jollas, were fired without any letter given to them.

“The authorities stood at the State House gate and asked the workers their names as they report to work on Thursday. The Jolla drivers were denied entry. They were told that they will be contacted when they need them. They were asked to go home until further notice,” said the source.

“The cleaners were also treated the same way. I can report to you that the Jolla drivers and cleaners have been asked to stay away from work at the State House. No dismissal letter was given to them,” he claimed.

The Barrow State House could not be reached for comment. The caller alleged that Jollas are routinely targeted for persecution in the Gambia, under Barrow’s presidency. He accuses Barrow of discriminating at the Jollas in this Holly Month of Ramadan. He talks about a sugar gift that Barrow distributed to the length and breadth of the country, but he said Foni, was excluded.

“Barrow doesn’t care about the people of Foni. He recently donated over 40,000 bags of sugar in all the region across the country, but Foni was not included in his sugar gift. We felt that he is discriminating at us,” he alleged adding that since ascending to the presidency, Barrow has never reached out to the people of Foni for dialogue.

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