A Foni man, accused of using the social media App, Whatsapp to allegedly insult Gambia’s rookie president Adama Barrow, must post a court bail of D1 million before he would be released from state custody, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Omar Sanneh, a resident of Yundum, and also a former soldier, has been languishing in custody since last week, amid allegations that he has been using Whatsapp, as a forum to insult president Barrow. He has also been accused of taking part in a protest, without a license from the Gambian police.

On Thursday, the Brikama magistrates court presided over by magistrate Omar Cham, heard how Mr. Sanneh, a relative of the former president Yahya Jammeh, allegedly engaged in an anti Adama Barrow social media struggle to disparage and demean the current president. Mr. Sanneh, was visiting his relatives in Kanilai, when the police intervention personnel took him into custody without an incident.

Attempts to secure him court bail on Thursday, failed, as he couldn’t meet the conditions for his bail at the time. He was asked to provide a one-million-dalasi bond or two landed properties both worth half a million dalasis for his release. His family is hoping to meet Sanneh’s bail conditions on Friday.

Ousman Sanneh hailed from Foni, Aranko. He was subsequently remanded into custody. Omar Sanneh, has been held beyond the 72 hours detention period stipulated by the Constitution. 

Also accused of insulting president Barrow, is one Momodou Jammeh, a Jolla. He has been accused of recording audio messages on whatsapp to insult president Barrow. Mr. Jammeh has been taken into custody by the police. He is yet to be granted bail. 

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