Gambia: Breaking News: Don’t Worry About Being Deported; I Was Onetime Deported From Germany-President Barrow Tells Gambian Deportee From Sweden


A Gambian deportee from Sweden says he was told by Gambian president Adama Barrow, that he the (deportee) shouldn’t worry much about being deported to his native country, because he (Adama Barrow) was once deported from Germany, the Freedom Newspaper can report. The deportee in question, who was explaining his ordeal to reporters upon his arrival in Banjul, has claimed that the Gambian president has exhibited no sympathy towards him while he was battling his deportation case in Sweden. “ My asylum case was rejected by the Swedish government. While I was in jail; under Swedish Immigration custody, I used to speak to the Foreign Minister of this country. I mean the Foreign Minister for the new government. What he used to tell me is that the matter is between government to government and we should take step by step in resolving the matter. I also spoke to the president Adama Barrow, and he told me that for Sweden to deport me, is not a big problem because he said when he was in Germany, he was deported to the Gambia. He said he was onetime deported from Germany. That what he told. That what he told,” said the raging young man. Below is the video footage of the young Gambian deportee. 

Expressing his utter outrage and disappointment at the Barrow government, the Gambian deportee said he was forced to board a plane from Sweden to The Gambia, where on arrival he added, Gambia’s Immigration agents were not only happy to receive him from their Swedish counterparts, but mock at him. The young man, who was speaking on a YouTube video alleged that he was in his prison uniform while being deported to the Gambia. He refused to change his clothes in the plane, when Swedish Immigration agents asked him to do so.

“I refused to change my prison uniform. I told them that I want my government to see me in a prison uniform. I was deported without no passport or Identity Card. They just bundled me and thrown me into the plane,” he alleged.

The young Gambian deportee said he was picked up from the streets in Sweden during a police manhunt. “They were looking for someone, and when they stopped me; they told me that the person they were looking for resembled me. At the time, my asylum claim had already been denied. I was taken into custody. During my detention, I spoke to the Foreign Minister of this country. He told me that they were working on my case. For President Barrow, he told me, that I shouldn’t worry much about being deported because he said, he was also in the past deported from Germany. He also said like in Sweden, Gambian Immigration officials are also deporting other nationals from our country. I think that’s false,” he said.

The Gambian deportee also alleged that some of the deportees were injected by the Swedish police before they were put on board the plane. He said Gambians are currently being deported from Sweden, and Germany. 

“Gambian Immigration officers are happy that we are being deported. They traveled to Germany and Sweden to deport their own people. They communicate in signals with their western counterparts. We want the United Nations to know that Sweden is deporting people without passport, or ID card. That’s not fair. I don’t sell drugs.  They arrested me in the streets. At the time, I do not have documents in my possession. They said the person they were looking for resembles me. I do not sell drugs. I am not a criminal,” he said.

The Barrow State House could not be reached for comment to react to the deportee’s claims. 

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