Efforts are underway to broker peace in the ongoing Foni political crisis, as two respected natives of the region, have started engaging the inhabitants—with the view of reconciling them with the Adama Barrow, newly elected government, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. The peace deal mediation is being spearheaded by the former Director General of the National Intelligence Agency, Abdoulie Kujabi, and Lang Tombong Tamba, a onetime Chief of Defense Staff of the Gambian Armed Forces. The duo has been spotted in the Fonis, talking to locals, pleading with them to keep the peace in the interest of national security and development.

Our Foni source, who is closely monitoring developments in the area said Kujabi and Tamba have met with some villagers—with the view of brokering peace. Foni, is the birth region of former dictator Yahya Jammeh. The former president has a solid support base in that region of the Gambia.

Foni, has been the scene of violent political confrontation since the departure of dictator Yahya Jammeh from the presidency. Supporters of the former ruling APRC and the supporters of the new government have been clashing. This has resulted in the mass arrest of APRC supporters in Sibanor, Kanilai, and elsewhere around the region.  

Jammeh’s fall from power, came as a surprise to the people of Foni. Hence, the people of Kanilai, Jammeh’s birth village, recently organized a protest march, demanding for the withdrawal of the ECOMIG forces in the village. One protester Haruna Jammeh, was killed and nine others critically injured by the Senegalese forces. The villagers have complained about constant harassment, and degrading treatment meted out to them by the Senegalese forces stationed in the region.

Since ascending to the presidency, Adama Barrow, hasn’t visited Foni to meet with the disenchanted populace. The residents opined that any unifying president interested in peace and reconciliation ought to have visited Foni to reassure the population—given the residents loyal support for the former president Yahya Jammeh.

Today Friday, news reached our news desk that Abdoulie Kujabi, and Lang Tombong Tamba are emissaries of peace in the Fonis. It is widely believed that president Barrow, had asked the duo to meet with the villagers to discuss peace.

Both Kujabi and Tamba are victims of the former Jammeh regime. They were arrested in the past accused of coup plot. Mr. Kujabi was partially rendered handicapped because of the torture he suffered in the hands of dictator Jammeh’s thugs.

Abdoulie Kujabi hailed from Dobong, while Lang Tombong Tamba is a native of Foni Sintet. Both Kujabi and Tamba are influential figures in the region.

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