Lamin Kaba Bajo using political tricks he learned former Boss A.J.J Jammeh by banning and firing opponents
By Omar Senghore.   16 June, 2017
News is just in that Bakary Packo Dampha, the elected president of KM Football Association is suspended by the Gambia Football Federation from all football related activities. Mr Dampha who is opposed to Kaba Bajo administrations has been struggling to get GFF recognise his re-election as the president of KM Football Association. Non of the regions and allied Associations meet the constitutional requirements for an elective congress but KM Football Association is singled out and not recognized for a reason.
How do you develop football if you are busy eliminating those who are likely not to support your bid for re-election as GFF president. If you want to use your dirty conventional politic tricks you learnd from your former Boss AJ.J.Jammeh then our football is doomed. 
Under Kaba Bajo, the Senior National team could not win a single competitive match for over three years now. Instead of bringing smiles on the faces of The Gambia football fans, you are busy victimizing opponents and embezzling our limited resources for football development.
Many believed that Gambia football federation president Lamin Kaba Bajo is having sleepless night about the issue of Interior FC police and the match fixing scandals in the Gambia national second division football league. So  Kaba’s only option is to frame Bakery Paco Dampha and his KM Football Association to gain a space for Interior. That is giving the second Division spot for KM to Interior. As it stands Interior must stay in the league for Kaba to survive. Please tell your master dribbler, Bakary K Jammeh the elder brother of former minister of youth and Sports under dictator Yahya AJJ Jammeh to  come with options as this one will not work.
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