Dear Pa Nderry Mbai,

You need to stop the bullshit in the name of journalism! You have posted a part of the report of the Commission of Inquiry that the former Attorney General and Minister of Justice was part of and the said commission made the adverse findings against some. As far as I know, this report was being challenged in court and almost every Gambian knows what used to happen in our courts! As a judge/magistrate, one was always under duress to either decide for the state or if one refused, you’ll only get your marching orders if you’re lucky.

This report cannot be enforced for these reasons:

One, the courts were not free to do their jobs and those who dare to be independent were kicked out. As this report was being challenged by majority of the people affected, I’m pretty sure that in the new Gambia, this decision will be quashed and set aside because the courts are free to decide without fear of intimidation!

Two, the former Justice Minister Mama Fatima Singhateh was the lawyer in that commission. As I said in one of my articles, Mama Singhateh is the most unethical lawyer in that country. How can one rely on a report by someone who has no regards for ethical rules, never respects the fundamental principle of a democratic society, thus, rule of law; someone whose decisions are never guided by reason and conscience; someone who was always ready to witch hunt her fellow professionals? I believe in rule of law and so respect judicial decisions as long as they were executed with regard to due process, respect for the ethical rules, and were made without any ulterior motives. These cannot be said of this report.

Unless the parties affected in that report exhaust their rights as regards this report, the decision cannot be legally enforced. Stop accusing people of selective justice when there’s none.


For The Gambia Our Homeland!

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