Police in the Gambia have arrested a serial killer, who targets women in his senseless killing spree, the Freedom Newspaper has gathered. The young man, believed to be in his mid-twenties, has been accused of killing a Fajikunda woman, who goes with the name Jankay Bojang. Ms. Bojang, was murdered at her home recently by the troubled young man. She is a native of Kanfenda, in the Fonis.

The serial killer was taken into custody last night by the police, after failed attempts on his part to murder a Banjulnding woman. He was escorted to Fajikunda, where he took the place to the residence of Jankay Bojang, who he killed violently. The young man confessed to police to killing another eleven-year-old child.

He is currently helping the police in their investigations. The serial killer’s name and address is yet to be disclosed by the police. His mental state of mind is yet to be established by doctors. 

The Gambia, has witnessed a wave of increasing crime rate recently—ranging from armed robbery, rape, and murder. Interior Minister Mai Fatty, in a recent address to the nation warns that violators of the law should brace up to be consumed by the law. He was reacting to the Kanilai protesters shooting incident, in which Haruna Jammeh, a resident of Kanilai, was killed by the Senegalese security forces. Nine other protesters were shot by the Senegalese forces. The country’s security situation remains fragile. 

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