Dear Editor M’Bai,

Thank you very much for your honorable service to our nation. You are doing a great job exposing this “new” government which is continuing to look like the ones we had before, at least in the areas of corruption and disregard for the laws of our country. Keep it up!!

Having said that, I would like to suggest you make a correction to the story with the title: Gambia’s Rookie President Fired Central Bank Governors For Refusing To Sell The Onetime Insolvent Bank, Megabank Gambia LTD To A Senegalese Business Associate! 

It is a great story exposing the ills of this government. However, the part which says that “Saikou Jabbi, the former Director of Micro Finance Department at the CBG. Jabbi, and Barrow were classmates at the Muslim High School” needs to change a bit.

Dr. Jabbi went to St. Augustine’s High School (SAHS). If he was Barrow’s classmate then it must have been at Crab Island. After secondary school Jabbi did his O-Levels and A-Levels at SAHS in 1988 and 1990 respective. He was a smart kid who did very well (Aggregate 7) together with his Central Bank colleague, Amadou Kora (Aggregate 8) in the O-Levels in 1988. Their performance was overshadowed by that of the late Francis Njie who, for the first time in The Gambia, got a 1 in all his 8 subjects; science subjects for that matter. I know these kids, now big men. That is why the story made me sad that Jabbi is alleged being used in a shady way. I  hope this is only an allegation but if it is true, I hope he remembers that with his outstanding academic record, he can make it without being used by this government. People need to learn from what Jammeh’s enablers, at least those let go by this government, are facing now: shame and regret. Those still with the government seem to be doing anything to hang in there.

My advice to Dr. Jabbi: don’t be used by anybody, be it a friend at Crab Island called Adama Barrow or anybody in the recycled government. These things come to pass. So keep your hard-earned reputation. If you do so, you will not regret it. Otherwise, you may live to regret it.

Senior Citizen

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