As reported in our previous pieces, the Barrow’s presidency has been shrouded in secrecy, characterized by back channel deals, and documented evidence of an unabated constitutional assaults, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal.  Much has been said and reported about this Senegalese Sarahule multimillionaire in the person of Kallilou Waggeh, who is today Barrow’s chief political operative and financier. There are so many things happening behind the scenes at the State House. Waggeh is also president Macky Sall’s agent to transform the Gambia, as a province of Senegal. The gullible and puppet uneducated Gambian president, is at the mercy of Sall and his political vampires. Their goal is to have Barrow in the presidency in the next ten years. Barrow will soon part political company with his Godfather Ousainou Darboe, of the United Democratic Party. We will address that in a separate piece sometime later.

There is going to be a heavy Senegalese investment in Banjul during the transition period. Senegal is going to use such investments as justification to meddle into our internal security and sovereignty as a nation. Hence, the political destiny of our beloved country, would not be determined by our people, but the phony political forces and actors in Senegal. Just watch!

Kallilou Waggeh lives in Zone De Capage in Dakar, just next to the industrial factories. There is a big mosque behind his home, where fleets of luxurious cars will greet you once you descend into the streets leading to his home.

One of former dictator Yahya Jammeh’s black bulletproof Mercedes Benz AMG, with the license plate number: BJL 8555 has been parked at Waggeh’s home. The said vehicle, was among dictator Jammeh’s impounded cars by the Gambian state. Mr. Waggeh is obsessed with driving fancy cars. As this is evident on the below cars parked at his property in Dakar.

Adama Barrow, has decided to give Jammeh’s car to Mr. Waggeh. The Senegalese press can visit Waggeh’s home and see for themselves. The Jammeh car was moved to Senegal, as soon as folks, started questioning the person behind the wheel of that fancy car. It turns out that Waggeh and his brother were driving the said car.

Mr. Waggeh, got superrich at an early age. Congo, has been his outlet for diamond mining and trade. He owns many businesses in Senegal and elsewhere around the region.

Mr. Waggeh, is a low-profile guy; very down to earth for that matter. He is said to be a modest practicing pious Muslim. He interacts with his neighbors at a mosque outside his house in Dakar.

He became president Sall’s protégé after Sall, had severed ties with one of his political financiers Haruna Jah, a Senegalese “black fish” dealer based in Burkina Faso.

Mr. Waggeh, became a supporter of president Sall, and was active in financing Sall’s political campaigns. The Sall government awarded him the multimillion dollars stevedoring contract at the Dakar ports. His company is engaged in loading and unloading ships. He is also the main distributor of Senegal’s national paint, and building materials. He owned warehouses all over the place.

During our investigations, we discovered that Mr. Waggeh owns a 32-apartment project, just behind the Elton Oil Gas station in Dakar. It is a five-floor apartment building. It is situated around the street leading to the Wal-Fajir TV. The housing project is opposite a water company in the same area.

President Sall’s fleet of Toyota Tacoma trucks, which Sall uses for political campaign, have been parked at the said building. Sall’s wife owns a Foundation Charity. Senegal’s First Lady’s cars and ambulances are also parked at Waggeh’s outlet.

Mr. Sall told his countrymen during his asset declaration in the past elections that he owns an outlet in the same location. His assets were valued at $16 million dollars at the time.

Mr. Waggeh is working on setting up a bank in the Gambia. He is being backed by president Barrow to buy Megabank Gambia Limit. The bank in question used to be called PHB Bank. PHB bank, formerly called Keystone Bank, was declared insolvent by the Central Bank of the Gambia. This was the Bank that the Nigerian Banking Executives headed by the famous Chuck wrecked to the ground. The bank’s debtors defaulted to pay; hence it was liquidated.

The Central Bank of the Gambia Supervisory Division moved in to take over the insolvent bank. It was later renamed Megabank Gambia Limited. The Barrow government is working on selling the bank to president Sall’s protégé Kaillilou Waggeh, without any formal advertisement to attract prospective investors. The Bank’s First Deputy Governor Saikou Jabbi is coordinating with the Barrow, Amadou Sanneh, Finance Minister and co to dispose the bank to Mr. Waggeh.

The CBG has been politicized since the coming of Barrow to power. The newly appointed Executives have pledged their allegiance to the new leadership, who are being micromanaged by the Sall government.

Meanwhile, Marr Cham, a Senegalese business tycoon, Housing Developer, and close associate of president Sall, has been granted license to operate in the Gambia. Mr. Cham was recently awarded the $12 billion dollars “Jamnyajo” City housing project by the Sall government. He wants to invest in Real Estate business in the Gambia. This was the guy, who donated two houses to Barrow during his trip to Senegal. Barrow later returned the gift, following a public outcry. 

Mr. Cham is not a stranger to Gambians. He was the contractor for the collapsed Pipeline building project, which left many laborers dead, and dozen others injured. The project was said to be Mr. Samba and Jammeh’s building project. He was also tasked to build the airport, under the supervision of Pierre Kujabi.   

Marr Cham owns businesses in Chad, Ivory Coast and Congo. He is currently negotiating for a land deal situated around Palma-Rima Hotel. The land is said to be owned by Amadou and Bazzi.  

Yarim Sowe, a Senegalese millionaire, and also the owner of the Dakar based five star hotel, Radisson hotel, wants to buy a two-kilometer land in the Gambia. Sources have it that Sowe, who is not in Sall’s good books, wants to operate a low income housing project in the West African country.  

Senegalese investors are more than welcome to the Gambia, but it should be noted that Gambia’s sovereignty, and economic interest should not be mortgaged at the expense of trying to appease the interest driven political actors in Senegal. Senegalese investments should not be mixed with political machinations calculated to downgrade a country’s sovereignty.

Both the Barrow presidency and Waggeh could not be reached for comment. 

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