Gambia’s main intelligence outfit—the State Intelligence Services (SIS) are mourning the death of one of their officers Augustus Mendy, who was allegedly killed last night by a hit and run Gambia Armed Forces (GAF) Truck Driver around Serrekundanding, the Freedom Newspaper can authoritatively report. Augustus’s head was completely battered (broken into pieces) by the speeding GAF truck driver. His killers proceeded with their journey, and never bothered to check if he was fine, or at least take him to the nearest hospital for immediate medical treatment. His body was covered with leaves, and was dumped along the roadside.  

Mr. Mendy, was 48 years of age at the time of his untimely demise. He left a wife and two kids behind. 

Mr. Mendy works at the NIA station in Sanyang. He lives in Kombo Kulorro. He commutes to work from Monday to Friday, with the red motorbike that was allocated to him by the NIA. He was from attending the confirmation ceremony of  his brother’s son in Sunchi-Baliya, when he was ran over at night in Serrekundanding by the GAF truck, which was travelling from the Foni, according to his brother Dodou Mendy.

“After hitting him, the GAF truck driver and personnel never attended to him. They just dumped him along the roadside with leaves covered all over his body. At first, I thought that the incident was done by the ECOMIG Forces, but only to be told that our own soldiers killed him. I cannot understand whether we have human soldiers or Buffalo soldiers. They lacked empathy,” said Dodou Mendy in an interview with the Freedom Newspaper on Monday.

“My brother Augustus Mendy, has been working with the NIA for about five years. Our other brother James Mendy, also work with the NIA. He is from Nuimi, Albreda. I came to know about his death through my brother’s son Badou, who works at Qcell. He called me last night around the same time you called me today to inform me about the incident. Dodou, asked me if I could inform our elder brother Lamin Njie, who is a Head Master to visit the mortuary to see the body. I was told by Lamin that Augustus’s head was completely broken into pieces and was sitting at the RVTH mortuary. I am devastated. This is sad. Our own soldiers can kill their own colleague like a dog. Even a dog should not be treated like that. They do not even have the decency to take him to the hospital. Augustus’s blood stain and hair was evident on the GAF truck,” he said.

The matter is under investigation by the Mandinaba police station, Dodou Mendy said. The GAF Driver, was interviewed by the police, but he has denied hitting or killing Augustus Mendy, according to the deceased’s brother. The Mandinaba police have also impounded the GAF truck involved in the accident.

“The GAF Driver, who is linked to my brother’s demise, was shamelessly denying being responsible for Augustus’s death. If these people were ECOMIG soldiers, I will understand to some degree, but these are my own people; my own brothers. He was hit from behind. I cannot understand what’s going on. Some people are saying that these people are soldiers and nothing will come out of the case. We are the looser here. Our own brother has been recklessly killed by the Gambian soldiers,” said Mr. Mendy, who is a tourist Tour Guide.

Mr. Mendy said his brother Augustus Mendy, was not drunk at the time of the incident.”His motorbike’s light is not very clear. Although, he has been using it for the past five years without any problem,” said Mr. Mendy. 

The GAF Public Relations Officer could not be reached for comment. 

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