Please stop it. Really? Are you kidding me? Interior Minister Mai Fatty, wants a police uniform for himself.  Is Dinding-Manso losing his mind? Mai, ” A ah Domang Domang” meaning in English ( Mai take it easy). 

Folks, someone at the police headquarters had earlier confided to us about a request purportedly made by Mai Fatty to IGP Yankuba Sonko, for the IGP to supply him with a police uniform. Mai wants to be a cop now. Laugh out loud. LOL.

 Hope, the Foni Jolla Jalangs are not tormenting Mai. Is dude losing it? 

The officer, who contacted us said Mai is behaving weirdly. He said throughout his years of career in the service, he has never seen such a request coming from an Interior Minister. 

“Mai Fatty says he wants a police uniform. He contacted the office of the IGP, that he wants to be provided with a police uniform. We are all dumbfounded by his request. This is really wired. Is Mai really well,” our source asked.

We were a bit apprehensive about the officer’s claims, but other sources also corroborated his story. Mai wants a police uniform. Perhaps,  he might also make a request to be supplied with a pistol. 

Mai Fatty, has long been an admirer of uniformed personnel. He works as a security guard while living in Detroit, Michigan. That was his primary job.

In the meantime, Interior Mai Fatty, has relocated his office to the former Medical and Health Department, widely known as Board of Health. The said office is not far from the State House. It’s a stone throw from the State House. General Saul Badjie, used to occupy that office prior to the fall of dictator Yahya Jammeh from power.

It has been gathered that Mai and CDS Masanneh Kinteh, argued among themselves as to who should occupy the office, but at the end of the day the powerful Mai Fatty prevailed. Mai has since moved to the defunct Medical and Health building. He claimed that the building at the Ministry of Interior is dilapidated and old-fashioned. Hence, he decided to occupy former General Badjie’s office.

Mai Fatty, is also operating a political bureau in Kerr-Serign not far from Tarik Musa’s home. There is a brand new white Range-Rover parked at the bureau. Mai spends a lot of time at the GMC bureau, chatting with his Yai Compins and youth leaders. 

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