Gambia Football Federation Taking to Court for Regional Election Fraud
By Ousman B Kinteh.  20 June, 2017
Prominent football stakeholders need to stop hitting around the Bush and help all the regions football center’s file a Court case against GFF.
Most region’s football clubs don’t know how regional football congress election are conducted, we need to speak out and help them have a voice, similar things happen in URR, CRR, LRR,  WCR and NBR.
Most regions are affected by a similar situation that happens in West Coast regional football congress election, GFF Choose who to vote in favour of their candidates in most region’s and it should be stop, Gambian football has been broken by this illegality and dirty politics in our football, we need to graduate from such illegal activities and the minister of youth and Sports should stand up against it.
“Gambia football stakeholders must organize themselves and use social media effectively like the people of Kololi, Gunjur and Kartong.  Tell them they can do it. If they organize.
Tell them that they MUST be active in social media.  You cannot do it alone.  It’s TEAM EFFORT.” Said by one Gambian in abroad.
Regional FA president in West Coast region ask GFF Lamin Kaba Bajo and his executive to resign and will be taking them to court for the poor regional football congress election conduct. In his letter sent to Gambia football federation and The Gambia minister of youth and sport,  he quoted article of the GFF constitution tell them that they can only suspends a member of the Gambia football federation and he is not a member of the GFF, he further on when to tell them that their suspension would not affect his constitutional right to take them to court and that what he will do.
Similar incident of how voting rights should be conducted happen in Lower River Region, Central River Region and Upper River Region. CRR already file a complaint to to national sport council on how people are selected to vote in the regional football congress election.
Earlier this month GFF president Lamin Kaba Bajo administration ban and suspend KM regional president Bakary Pako Dampha executive been elected again, it is believed that KM is not in good book of Gambia football federation for stopping them using their football  parks during last year conflicts between them.
One reader said, I’m proud of this brother. I wish we could have more numbers of him to stand against the Gambia football federation dirty politics.
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