Mr. President you owe it to the People and the UDP,

Mr. President, you have never suffered at the hands of dictator Yaya Jammeh.

You were conducting your business peacefully without much worry until Allah made you president of the Gambia thanks to the UDP, the Coalition, the Diaspora, the online media and the Gambian voters. Never think that you made it alone to the presidency and are not indebted to the above mention political parties and the Gambian voters. If the ECOMIG forces had the mandate to set foot in the Gambia, it is because Gambian voters did the first job of electing you president for them to have the world’s green light to come to Gambia. NEVER forget that.

Having said the above truth and facts let me now remind you that you owe everything to the UPD and Honorable Lawyer Oussainou Darboe. Lawyer Darboe has suffered miserably under Jammeh’s rule. He lost considerable financial opportunities as a lawyer and had put his life and that of his family on line facing a ruthless and brutal dictator for 22 years without fear. You are only known to Gambians in August 2016 thanks the UDP and its executive. Prior to this date many Gambians had not known you. During the Fass Njagga Choi debacle, we had not known you. During the UDP April debacle that lead to the death of late Solo Sandeng and the arresting of Darboe and Co. we did not know you.

Luck came in your way decreed by GOD. Never forget the past.

Mr. President let no one no matter what status or station that person holds come in between you and your party leader. Although you were selected as an independent presidential candidate by the coalition, you were presented at the convention as the UDP candidate. You won the convention thanks to the efforts of the UDP executive. Never forget that. Power is sweet and can make man forget the past very easily.

Mr. President at the convention you made undertakings to the coalition partners and the Gambian people at large. You are now left with your conscience to either fulfill or fail your promise. Allah the Almighty is testing you and your honorability in keeping or failing your words and promises. As I write this piece in this Holy Month of Ramadan I am simply guided by divine wisdom, as I would remind my own son or brother. Will you reflect?

Finally Mr. President one always know when it started but one does not know where it ends. Never forget the people that helped you get where you are today specially the UDP and its party leader Lawyer Oussainou Darboe who groomed you when people knew you not.

I wish you and the people of the Gambia a Blessed and Happy Koriteh Feast in advance.

Thank you for your attention.

Pa Njie Girigara.

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