Gambia’s Inspector General of police Yankuba Sonko, the nation’s top Cop, says he is not aware of his alleged removal from the force, amid rumors brewing on social media that the IGP, has been replaced by Police Commissioner Landing Kinteh. The career police chief, was contacted by the Freedom Newspaper to authenticate the veracity of the information circulating on Facebook that he has been allegedly fired. Mr. Sonko, who was touring police facilities at the time—just little past 1 Am in the morning Gambian time had this to say: “I have no information. I am driving my official car now; going from one police station to another. I don’t know how true it is. I have no idea. I am driving GPF 1.”

“I was in the office until around 6 o’clock.  As far as I am concerned, I have not received any such information,” IGP Sonko added.  

The police chief said he was not in the position to say whether the information about his alleged firing was accurate or inaccurate, but he maintained that he is still the Inspector General of police.

In observance of the principles of responsible reporting, the Freedom Newspaper contacted two different sources prior to phoning the IGP for comment to confirm the story, but both sources said Sonko was not fired. Mr. Sonko also said he was still at work, and was not aware of his removal from the police. 

Editors note: IGP Sonko never wasted time to answer to our Editor’s journalistic query about his alleged sacking, when contacted on his cellular phone for comment. He was receptive throughout our line of questioning.

It is not only assuring, but encouraging that security agencies are now open to the media in this new Gambia. This is what we expect from security chiefs like IGP Yankuba Sonko. Opening up to the media, will help dispel rumors and speculations. Thanks for your attention. 

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