As predicted by most people, Alhajie Konteh and Hasib Masri, of Castle oil, do not have the financial capacity to continue to supply heavy fuel oil to NAWEC, under the contract they won in the tender.

In fact, after the initial 10,000 metric tons that Castle oil supplied, they have run out of heavy fuel oil since Friday the 9th of June. Consequently, NAWEC had to seek the help of Euro African Group (Eagle) to supply them on an urgent basis.

If it wasn’t for Eagle having stock in the depot and agreeing to immediately supply NAWEC with 1,000 metric tons on credit basis, despite the fact that they are still owed over us$ 4 million for heavy fuel oil supply, the country would have suffered a blackout in this holy month of Ramadan with dire consequences for the Government and people of the Gambia.

The lack of financial capacity of Castle oil was further highlighted when the ship carrying heavy fuel oil finally arrived in Banjul on Friday the 16th of June but their supplier, Monjasa Group Nigeria, did not give green light to discharge the vessel because castle oil could not arrange the financial instruments to pay for the cargo.

Again, Nawec asked Eagle to supply them with a second lot of 1,000 metric tons and again Eagle agreed to supply on credit basis.

We are sure that Eagle did not agree to supply in order to bail out castle oil but did it to show the government and the country goodwill despite the baseless allegations and attacks that were directed at them by Masri & Konteh to tarnish their reputation.

Masri & Konteh of Castle oil should have ensured the availability of buffer stock of heavy fuel oil before their next consignment comes in but their greed, lack of financial capacity and lack of know how nearly resulted in the country plunging into darkness.

Unfortunately for Masri & Konteh, God is always watching and the truth always prevails. Now the government and the people of the Gambia realize which is the party that does not have the capacity to enter into such sensitive contracts where the country and people’s livelihoods are at stake and which is the party that is always at hand to jump to the aid of the country when it could have easily not supplied citing the huge debt owed to them and scoring points against their competitors by exposing them.

In any country; anywhere in the world, these jokers will be blacklisted and not allowed to participate in any future public tender after this scandal.

Let us see if this will be the case in the new Gambia…..

A Concerned Gambian citizen

Editors note: The views of the author do not represent position of the Freedom Newspaper. Thanks for your attention. 

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