Isatou Badjie appointment betrayal of Gambians 

By Sainey Darboe 

Gambian political discourse has been hijacked of late by appointment to the UN of a little known girl by the name Isatou Badjie. I don’t have a problem with her being appointed as long as she has the required competence . But what I do have reservations about is her alleged authorship of a Facebook post disparaging Barrow( violation of civil service code of conduct) , as well as her threats to Omar Bah. That’s a source of serious concern as it portrays her as a person not possessed of the maturity needful for the position she has been appointed to. I saw an article on whatsongambia attempting to salvage her reputation by portraying her return from studies to serve the country as an act patriotic fervor.

By coming back home to serve, she is not engaged in an entirely altruistic act but more likely to build her CV as a stepping stone to a bigger international job. There are Gambians in America, Gambia , UK and elsewhere  better educated than her who are equally serving so she is not doing anything special.

Matter of fact, if she didn’t go back she will most likely be flipping burgers or doing security job at Tesco at a minimum wage . These are awareness times, and the pitfalls of dysfunctional degrees are well known . 

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