The army command in Banjul, visited the family of the late NIA officer Augustus Mendy, who was killed around Serre-Kundanding, few days ago, by a GAF hit and run truck driver, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. The delegation, headed by Army Commander Mamat Cham, visited the deceased’s home village Albreda, to  express condolences to the family for the loss of their loved one.


The Mendy family welcomed the army delegation. The army Commander expressed shock about the unfortunate incident, which left Augustus Mendy, a former member of the NIA, now called the State Intelligence Services (SIS) dead. A cash amount of four thousand and five hundred dalasis (D4,500 dalasis) was given to the family of the late Augustus Mendy, by the Army Commander.

The Mendy family thanked the army delegation for coming in to sympathize with the family. The conduct of the GAF driver was strongly condemned. Even the army Command admitted that it was wrong for their driver to flee the scene of the accident.

Dodou Mendy, a brother of the late Augustus Mendy, could not hold his anger at the GAF driver, who has been blamed for his brother’s death. He was restrained by his elders to remain calm and allow the army delegation to relate their messages of condolence to the family.

The polite and professional looking army commander, even saluted Mr. Mendy, just to console him for his loss. He also took his hat off for him.

Dodou Mendy, finally calmed down, and was seen joking and laughing with the officers after a short outrage. The army commander jokingly told Mr. Mendy that he went too far by branding his soldiers as “Buffalo soldiers” during his interview with the Freedom Newspaper.

The Albreda army visit also heard about how the Freedom Newspaper story on the death of Augustus Mendy, went viral. Some even said such stories will help to expose folks, who are engage in hit and run accidents.

GRTS, the state broadcaster also reported the demise of Mr. Mendy. Agustus Mendy, used to work at the NIA station in Sanyang.  He has been working with the agency for the past five years. Kuloror, was his last place of residence prior to his untimely demise.

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