Yes I remember your Dad Dr. Peter Ndaw of blessed memory. I remember his sense of humor known to all. I remember the constant white dress (short and shirt) he used to wear at all time and his mastery of the Wolof language more than an Aku can manipulate. I remember Dr. Ndaw’s medical clinic opposite the Ports Authority. I lived next door to his clinic and used to see him daily except on Sundays. I know your brother Peter Jr. a nice gentleman humorous just like his dad, full of life and happiness.

Professor James Ndaw, I do not know you personally you were young at the time but making the Gambian news this week in the future of the medical sector in the Gambia makes me feel proud of you and your Dad by extension. May GOD The Almighty continue to bless, guide and protect your positive endeavors?

Well Professor James Ndaw, I am not surprise at your laudable gesture but I must inform you this nice news. Your Dad had collected over 10 years of rental fees from me whiles renting his warehouse next to his office opposite the Ports. LOL! I am very happy that you ate some my rent money (Loll) and proud to say that your Dad was a reasonable man with the rental amount I was paying but hey! Prof. Dad takes no mess and must be paid his annual rent on the D-day or else I will hear: “Boy Njie ‘Duma sa morrom, ana suma halis” Loll.

Dr. Peter Ndaw was one of my late father’s best friend and attendant doctor until death separated them. I remember their conversations and laughter and some time they will tell me if am around “Achaa demal, fi sa baiyi nyo wakhtaan” Loll.

On a final note Professor James, I am proud of you and will be more than willing to contribute anyhow to your noble medical infrastructural venture in helping the health sector of the Gambia in a big way, which will also benefit the people of the Senegambia and beyond.

Keep up the good work Professor and stay bless.

May Your Dad Dr. Peter Ndaw Rest In Perfect Peace.

Pa Njie Girigara.

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