Written By Commander Andy La-Anyane,  ECOMIG Spokesman

Hi my brother, hope you are doing well. We are also fine by Allah’s grace here in Banjul. ECOMIG operations in support of all Gambians are also moving smoothly.

I wish to share a few thoughts with you sir. Hope you find a place in your heart to tolerate me. I have been a journalist since 2006 after graduating from the Ghana Institute of Journalism. During my practice as a journalist, and even during my training, I got to understand the importance of Freelance journalists.

Theirs is to search for newsworthy stories and find media organs to publish them. Of course, for a fee. The danger however is that, most of them, in the interest of the stipends, are not credible or rely on sensationalism. To cure all this mischief, the onus lies with the editor to double-check the stories before going to bed as we journalists will say.

No editor is happy rendering apologies for stories published that have turned out to be false. It affects our integrity. I will therefore advise, as a friend, that scrutinise all reports received before going to bed (publishing).

I hope our great friendship will inure to the benefit of all Gambians.

Commander Andy La-Anyane

ECOMIG Spokesman

Editors Note: Thanks Captain Commander Andy for the brotherly advice. Much appreciated. It is great to learn that you are also a trained journalist colleague.  

Be rest assured that we will continue to endeavor to crosscheck our stories before going to press, as advised. It is one of the cardinal rules of our cherished and noble profession to always double-check information received from other sources before publishing. 

Have a great day. Regards.

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