Hello Pa,

How are you?  As a coalition sympathizer, I am concerned about the way the Secretary General, is playing tricks on the coalition government. He is busy promoting his close aides.. Why neglecting the people, who sacrificed for the freedom of our freedom yesterday?

To my surprise, Barrow is blind on these issues. If step is not taken, the Barrow government will fail.

Apparently, the Secretary General, is refusing to restructure the Civil Service. That’s why the coalition government is making some errors.

Mr. President, redeploy the Secretary General or else you risked being disappointed personally. I don’t have an issue with the Secretary General, but there are a lot of incompetent civil servants in the system. They should be flushed out.

Mr. President, you are a good man. Please safeguard your legacy by listening to public opinion.

Mr. Barrow also needs to hire technocrats to ease the developmental agenda of the country. I wish you successful term of office President Adama Barrow

Written By Fatou Jaiteh 

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