Hey Pa,

I agree with Sainey Darboe’s assessment and criticism in, “Isatou Badgie’s appointment betrayal of Gambians”. This girl’s appointment to the Gambia UN Mission is nothing short of nepotism, favoritism, “scratch me back and I’ll scratch your back” phenomena.

A diplomatic post such as the one at the UN should be given to a well qualified, matured, sophisticated and competent individual, who would serve the best interest of the Gambian people and the vision of the Barrow government.  The person should have decorum , poise, self- restraint and a good understanding of the responsibilities of the job. The mission reflects on the image of the country of which she represents. 

What do you expect when you appoint  someone who is the least bit qualified,  experienced, and lacking in judgement? A diplomatic job must be carried out with professionalism  respect. 

C’mon Ousainou Darboe. Shame on you. How can you overlook highly educated and qualified individuals for the post, just to appease your relative,  friend, body- body, by hiring his daughter to fill big shoes at the UN Mission. What were you thinking?

It appears that this girl spends her time on social media insulting and threatening fellow Gambian (s) who criticized her and her family.  How immature and unprofessional. 

Lastly, Mr. Ousainou Darboe, is this the representation you want for Gambia? What’s up man? If you want to be a senior diplomat, you must do better than this.

A concerned Gambian.

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