Really Fabakary, you make us vomit to hear you say that there is no court proof that Yaya Jammeh instructed the killing of Gambians and foreigners alike.

How can you in this Holy of Month Ramadan lie just to protect and defend the UNDEFENSIBLE Yaya jammeh’s brutality and atrocities? Same on you Fabakary Tombong Jatta?

You have no sympathy for the departed souls illegally tortured and killed extra judicially by your criminal leader president Yaya Jammeh. You cannot cleanse your criminal leader in the name democracy and free press.

By uttering your doubts on the crimes Jammeh committed, you are not doing justice to the APRC party. All of us know the APRC party did not kill anyone but your party leader being the president with executive powers instructed and directed his crimes using state machinery to extra judicially execute Gambians.

No sane Gambian can deny this fact. By trying to deny or throw under the bus these inhumanly acts of your ex leader makes you look stupid, uncompassionate, remorseless and down right mad.

If you want Gambians to sympathize with the APRC, you have to accept hard and undeniable facts, demand pardon on behalf of your ex criminal leader and repent for reconciliation purposes. Failing which, we the people of the Gambia will consider you a bad citizen who prefers to lie than telling the truth.

Your sad and distasteful attitude of course will not make us hate the APRC militants but we hereby demand that the APRC militants distance themselves from your sad person thus helping to heal the wounds open your ex criminal president Yaya Jammeh in our country.

This sad utterance of yours alone make us disapprove all else you said in your interview.

I for one, am happy that I never met you in person and do not wish to meet you until the end of times or until you apologize publicly and repent.

Shame on you and your likes Fabakary Tombong Jatta.

Pa Njie Girigara.  

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