Hello Pa,

Kindly offer me space in your widely read newspaper to share my humble thoughts about the recent ongoing discussions about young Isatou Badjie.

If ISATOU BADJIE meets the requirement to be appointed as first secretary, what’s wrong with that. What is important is to appoint the right people in the right position and if that is done; why should people try to influence their political leaders to reshuffle that appointment or to an extent some folks are calling people discussing about the appointment of this girl. According Pa Nderry Mbai, this girl is fit and qualified to handle such position so therefore she should not be discriminated because her partisan affiliation or her association with APRC yesterday.

 Malcom X said that to have once being a criminal is no disgrace but to remain to criminal is a disgrace. Even if Hon Ousainou Darboe was responsible for the appointment of this young girl nothing is wrong with that or does the surrogates of UDP expect to fill all crucial positions because they are supporting UDP.

In my judgment, Darboe is an impartial and credible political figure, who believe in total equality and impartiality of all Gambians, but few of his supporters need to be reoriented about politics if not they will brand UDP party negative and portray their party as intolerant political party.

My humble reason for saying that few not all surrogates of UDP need orientation is because each supporters of that party should be seen as a good Ambassador, whose responsibility will be to canvass for votes by attracting new voters, but not to respond who soever criticize even though the criticism was constructive.

To me, Pa Nderry, should be your learning point where you draw your lesson from as he’s a true patriot and his love for the Gambia cannot be questioned. All critics are based on substance and constructively that should keep you in check rather than negatively responding or insulting which will only culminate to negative image of your party.

Written By Abdoulie Sohna 

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