Mr. President, it is more than high time you start addressing the issue of tribalism within your government. Tribalism is an issue that I last addressed during Jammeh’s regime when I was writing under psodo-name under dictatorship. Since your coming to power, this is the first article I write addressing the issue within your government.

History taught us that Sir Dawda Jawara had a tribal equilibrium within the civil service until a decade before Jammeh took up guns and toppled his regime. In the last ten years of Jawara’s rule Mandinka tribalism was decried all over the place thus making all other tribes support Jammeh’s coup d’état including some disgruntle Mandinkas specially those opposed to Jawara’s rule. This also coincided that ex-president Abdou Diouf of Senegal was also mad at Sir Dawda Jawara breaking the Senegambia Confederation.

In 1994 Yaya Jammeh used and treated all tribes in his government equitably in the first 10 years whiles gradually marginalizing the Mandinkas in the last 10 years of his rule. I wrote abundantly about Jammeh’s tribalism in favor of the Jola tribe. Jammeh in his last years adopted a laissez faire attitude towards the Jola top government officials to freely “jolanize” their various government departments and public corporations at the detriment of other tribes. Despite adopting the above laissez faire attitude, Jammeh tried not to overtly marginalize other tribes including the few Mandinkas who showed true loyalty to his him and his agenda.

Mr. President now that all Gambian tribes came together under the coalition to show Jammeh the exit door, all tribes expect to be treated equally in position allocation within the top and junior civil service and the public corporations.

Regrettably such equality in position allocations is not taking place within the Ministry of Finance and its satellite institutions namely the Central Bank and the SSHFC. The whole country and the civil servants are talking and complaining about the Mandinka tribalism-taking place in these particular public institutions and the Ministry of Finance.

Mr. President you need to scrutinize and correct these Mandinka tribal allegations in these institutions for position allocations and promotions and correct them before it degenerates into discrediting your leadership neutrality.

Tribalism should be a thing of the past in this New Gambia government and only you Mr. President can put a STOP to it. Failing which Mr. President what befell Jawara and Jammeh in their last regime’s years will catch up with you if you don’t cut the snake’s ugly tribal head.

I hope I will not write a rejoinder to this tribal issue in this New Gambia as ALL Gambian tribes expect to be treated equally based on merit.

Eid Mubarak Mr. President, Dewenaty.

Pa Njie Girigara.

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