Dear Pa,

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing from Adama Barrow during his meeting with the Banjul Muslim elders to mark the end of Ramadan. First of all, Barrow started his opening remarks by addressing Fatoumata Tambajang as his “Vice President”. He then spent the best part of his speech talking about the imprisonment of Lawyer Daboe and how he would always defied the security surrounding Darboe and co. to hold talks with him while he was in jail. 

To my utter dismay, he never mentioned the Coalition 2016 that made it possible for him to become president neither did he acknowledge the role Gambians played in transforming a once unknown political novice to occupy the highest office in the land. There was no mention about his development agenda for the people or how he is going to resolve the perennial electricity crisis facing the country. The message I can gather from his maiden Eid meeting is reminding the elders of Banjul that his victory was made possible by Lawyer Darboe. He did not even acknowledge the role Senegal and Ecomig played to keep him in power. Let me remind Barrow that Lawyer Darboe had contested four elections against the devil Yaya Jammeh and lost all of them. The reason why Barrow is now president is because the Gambian people saw in him everything that is defferent from the devil Jammeh and lawyer Darboe. 

My disappointment with Barrow is also shared by the majority of the people who wants a Gambia free of tribalism, nepotism, cronyism and state-sponsored corruption. Any politician who wants to mess up with Banjulians will fail. The tenacity and steadfastness of the inhabitants of our capital city contributed to the defeat of Jammeh. One final reminder to Adama Barrow; You took the Oath of office to defend the interest of Gambians and not UDP. You should promote policies that unite us and not those that will divide us. Whether some of us are supporters of UDP. PDOIS, PPP, NRP, GPDC, or any other political party, we are the branches of the same tree called the Gambia,

Eid Mubarak

A Concerned Resident Of Banjul

What Belongs To Banjul, Stays In Banjul.

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