A Gambian police chief, who refused to allow the opposition United Democratic Party to proceed with their nationwide tour after a heated standoff at Fass-Njagachoi, between the personnel of the police intervention unit (PIU) and Ousainou Darboe’s followers, and was promoted to Deputy Inspector General of police by the former dictator Yahya Jammeh, has been demoted, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. DIG Modou Sowe, has been relegated to the position of police Commissioner, and is awaiting to be redeployed elsewhere around the country, said our sources at the police headquarters in Banjul. Mr. Sowe, was said to have earned his promotion to the rank of DIG, because of his loyalty to dictator Jammeh, and the Fass-Njagachoi fracas, said the insider.

The UDP dominated the new Barrow government. This is evident in the appointment of Foreign Service officials, the Civil Service, and at the Legislative branch. Mr. Sowe, has been seen as an opponent of the UDP; hence his demotion was recommended and subsequently approved, our source said. He was a police commissioner prior to the Fass-Njagachoi incident.

“This is a UDP government. Modou Sowe’s only crime was executing his duties as a police commissioner. He barricaded the UDP folks at Fass-Njagachoi. Now that they are in government, they said he should be demoted to his initial rank. There is no reconciliation in this country. Ousainou Darboe, is very divisive. He is behind all this nonsense going on. Mai Fatty, too is on the sideline drumming his political agenda. They are out to settle scores. DIG is superior to Commissioner of police. But he had to take a pay cut because the UDP operators in the government think that he should be demoted,” said an insider.

Mr. Sowe was also quoted as saying during the political impasse that “they will deal with the Senegalese forces if they dare enter the country. He was loyal to Jammeh until Jammeh left the country.”

The police spokesman could not be reached for comment. 

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