Dear Pa,

In her statement delivered at the traditional meeting of the religious leaders marking the end of Ramadan, Mrs. Fatoumata Tambajang revealed herself  to be a merely perfunctory speaker with the main aim of keeping her job as VP overseer. Her speech was full of praises for President Barrow whom she described as godsend in answer to our prayers to rid us off the regime of Jammeh. Listening to her you will not stop wondering whether this is another Isatou Njie-Saidy professing blind loyalty to the ex-president Jammeh. By the way is it not the Supreme Islamic Council that gave the tile “Nasirudeen” to Yaya Jammeh? President Barrow take care.

Having said that, what strikes me in that speech is the inconsistencies of Madame Tambajang’s recollection of the events when Lawyer Darboe and members of his executive party were arrested. She claimed  that she was in tears at the office of the Senegalese High Commissioner when they were arrested and plead with the High Commissioner to inform President Macky Sall about the incidence who then called on the ECOWAS Heads of State to intervene. Here Mrs Tambajang is either inventing her own story or was confusing two separate incidences that were completely different.

ECOWAS intervention came when Jammeh made a U-turn and rejected the December 2016 election results which led to the subsequent military intervention by ECOMIG that saw Jammeh leave power and went into exile. 

The arrest of Darboe and his executive members was in April 2016 following the arrest and murder of Solo Sandeng. This was an internal affairs and did not warrant or mandate ECOWAS to intervene. So Madame Tambajang was either confusing the two incidences or was glorifying her role to justify keeping her position. She must apologize to the people for deliberately misrepresenting the facts to fool president Barrow.

Madame Tambajang is well overage for the position of VP according to the Constitution and there is no quick fix or praise singing to convince Barrow to violate the dictates of the Constitution only to satisfy her ego. She should lived up to her religious beliefs and allow president Barrow to appoint a VP without further delay. This way she should be seen as a true Muslim otherwise asking Barrow to appoint her illegally is a sin.

She has no moral authority to ask the religious leaders to do what is right when she continues to illegally occupied the office of the VP and preaching best practice. Civil servants and public sector workers comply with the law when they reach the compulsory retirement age of 60, why do we need to amend the age limit in the Constitution to make it possible for Madame Tambajang be appointed. Many have sacrificed a lot in the struggle but that does not mean that we have to bend over backwards to satisfy everybody. Is the position of VP the exclusivity of women in the Gambia? We have plenty of qualify men to do the job.

Madame Tambajang, ECOWAS intervention was to save the lives of Gambians and not to rescue Lawyer Darboe or the UDP executive. You are confusing the facts. The purpose of the Eid meeting with the leader of the country is to pray for the country and not a platform to lobby for confirmation as VP.  Lets start practicing what we preach.

From: A Concerned Citizen

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